In my class you will gain a better understanding yoga and it's many benefits. We will practice meditation, breathing techniques and, of course, all encompassing poses and sequences. You will build strength, balance, awareness and ultimately peace and gratitude. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, my class will be right for you with modifications making each student comfortable in his or her practice. come enjoy the wonderful benefits of Yoga - You'll be hooked! My love for Yoga was instantaneous! My journey as a teacher is to share this beautiful practice of Yoga with students, helping them to reach their physical and spiritual potential.



Teachers of Om

Soo Yoon has been teaching in the northern NJ/Rockland County, NY area since 2013. She first turned to Yoga over twelve years ago after marathon training left her both tight and injured. What was aimed to be a marginal, complementary practice ended up being a life-changing spotlight. The practice helped her to see the disconnects that existed between her body, mind, and soul, then provided a clearer lens with which to see and yoke together those disparate parts.
Because her own experience has been so transformative, Soo teaches her classes ardently with generosity and detailed information to help students best guide themselves towards positive growth.  Her classes explore the full breadth of Yoga: in addition to the physical alignment in postures, there is great attention to the breath, mindfulness, meditation, philosophy, and energetics. 
Soo has completed both her 200-hour certification and 300-hour advanced yoga certifications with Mandy Grant in Hillsdale, NJ.  Always the student, she is currently pursuing an additional advanced training certification with her current mentor, Amy Ippoliti of the 90 Monkeys Studio.   

Jodi Jimenez-Daly -
Jodi has always been drawn to a good physical challenge, but it was not until she started practicing yoga that she started to experience her physicality in ways that went beyond the surface. Through years of practice and the completion of 200+ hours of training, she has discovered that yoga exists not only on the mat but in every movement and each breath. Yoga brought to light the idea that the movement of energy is essential in order to experience the richness of life and to truly access the inner self Jodi’s classes focus on safe alignment and breath. She encourages students to explore all layers of themselves – from the physical to the subtle aspects of breath, energy and spirit. Her classes are challenging and supportive, offering a balance between freedom to move and time for stillness and contemplation. She finds joy in the exploration of all aspects of yoga and commits herself to being a perpetual student and enthusiastic teacher.

Erika Noreika
When I first began a practice, at the age of 22, I could never have dreamed of the places this journey would take me. All I knew was that something in me changed. This sudden connection, however small at the time, of my mind and my body, made me want to know more. Becoming a teacher and having the ability to bring this connection to others has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I never dreamed that I'd have the opportunity to not only build one of the most beautiful studios I have ever had the privilege to practice in but to become a catalyst to a new community of Yogis to have chance to experience some of the most talented and experienced teachers, I have had the pleasure of sharing my own personal practice with. Everyday I learn and grow as a teacher and as a human. And I am so grateful to share this journey with you all.